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What are the conventional LED lamp beads in the medical beauty industry

LEDIn recent years, more and more began to invest in themselves, the medical beauty industry has ushered in a wave of peak, more and more beauty salons on the street, engaged in and willing to consume the population is also growing, the industry prospects are very considerable, so, in our LED industry, what products can show their strength in the medical beauty industry?

In the medical cosmetology industry, commonly used LED lamp beads mainly include the following:


1、Red LED lamp beads: Red LED lamp beads usually emit light with a wavelength in the range of 630~660 nanometers. They are widely used in medicine to promote collagen synthesis and skin cell regeneration, improve skin elasticity and firmness.


2、Blue LED beads: The wavelength of light emitted by blue LED beads is usually in the range of 400 to 470 nanometers. They are often used in medicine for antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects and are suitable for the treatment of acne and inflammatory skin diseases.


3、Yellow LED lamp beads: Yellow LED lamp beads usually emit light in the wavelength range of 590~610 nanometers. They are often used in medicine to lighten skin tone, reduce pigmentation and fade spots.


4、Violet LED lamp beads: Violet LED lamp beads emit violet light with a wavelength of 380~420 nm. They are used in medicine to treat acne and have antibacterial effects.


5、Near-infrared LED lamp beads: The emission wavelength of near-infrared LED lamp beads is generally in the range of 800~900 nanometers. They are commonly used in medicine to improve blood circulation, reduce muscle pain and soothe inflammation.

Medical beauty equipment usually combines different wavelengths of LED lamp beads, through different colors of light irradiation and treatment, in order to achieve different cosmetic effects. The specific wavelength of these lamp beads can penetrate deep into the skin tissue, stimulate cell activity, and improve skin quality and appearance. However, the specific type of LED lamp bead to use depends on the individual's needs and treatment goals, and should be guided by a professional doctor or beautician.